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Which cuisine should you choose to live a healthier life?

We suggest the following approach: let’s look at what countries have highest life expectancy and  see what they have in common:

  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Iceland
  • Japan

The list is taken from this video:

Although they seem very different, they actually do have a lot in common. In one half of the countries the groceries are relatively cheap compared to average wage, in others there’s a just a culture of diets based on healthy food like veggies and fish. So. first point here – more veggies and fish.

Furthermore, although not directly related to cuisine, people in these countries live a more active lifestyle. Just have a look at how many bikes are there in Netherlands or Sweden, for example. You will hard;y find any obese people there. Point #2 – despite smaller calories intake, these are ‘good’ calories from quality, not junk food.

So, to summarize: despite some of these countries have some not-that-healthy traditional meals, the general food culture and access to cheaper healthy food is the key to maintaining a healthier lifestyle.